Corporate Governance

As business leaders representing every sector of the American economy, Business Roundtable CEOs are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance. These standards not only promote integrity and accountability for investors, they are paramount to advancing the long-term economic interests of America’s workers, families and communities.

Advancing Corporate Governance

America’s economy, workers and shareholders depend on well-managed, well-governed public companies. Business Roundtable is committed to informing the corporate governance discussion with a continued focus on upholding and advancing the highest standards.

Business Roundtable is recognized as a leading, authoritative voice on effective corporate governance. Through our Principles of Corporate Governance, the Roundtable has for decades provided public companies with modern guidance and best practices to uphold high ethical standards and deliver long-term economic value.

Corporations provide opportunity and financial security to millions of Americans. Business Roundtable member companies alone employ more than 15 million people, and millions more invest in U.S. public companies – either directly or through mutual funds, retirement accounts, or pension plans. Sound corporate governance is vital to a healthy U.S. economy and a more prosperous future for workers, shareholders and consumers.

Business Roundtable believes strongly in the importance of effective shareholder engagement, efficient oversight and smart, effective regulations and reporting requirements. Additionally, the Roundtable has encouraged all public companies to consider moving away from providing quarterly earnings per-share guidance to better promote long-term value creation and economic growth.

Driving Diversity in the Boardroom

Creating long-term shareholder value is a top responsibility and focus for CEOs. To achieve this goal, our corporations need leadership teams with the broadest and deepest perspectives and backgrounds. Here, Ball Corporation's Chairman and CEO, John Hayes, outlines the benefits gained when diversity is prioritized at the Board level.

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